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7/24/06 - Early Risers has gone to sleep. Four songs from our final recording session are on our MySpace page for you to download. Thank you.

10/13/05 - Been laying low for a little, writing songs with our fine new guitarist. Check out shows coming up in November in Chicago and Iowa City.

8/31/05 - We're playing this Saturday (9/3/05) @ Empty Bottle. It's a benefit for Cooperative Image Group. Next Thursday (9/8/05) we play outside, during the day, at UIC, with dueling rhymespitters Small Change and plenty of other stuff.

8/3/05 - This Saturday @ Hideout. Show starts at 9pm. We play 10pm sharp. DJ John Ciba spins things after the show.

7/4/05 - Happy boomboomcrackleaaahh day. Come out this Saturday and Sunday (July 9 & 10) and say hi to our brand new guitarist. Mike Renaud, formerly of Chalet Chalet, currently of Clyde Federal. Saturday he'll be helping us withstand the onslaught of STNNNG along with more of the Twin Cities' finest, TPC and Signal to Trust. On the 10th, we'll be back in Chicago, at Schuba's with Reverend Glasseye.

5/7/05 - Come on out to the Mutiny this Wednesday (May 11th, 9pm) for a very special sneak preview of songs Early Risers have been hassling for months, played by Joe on his damn banjo. The Mutiny is Chicago's second best dive bar, where you get icy cheap beer and drink it right from the pitcher. Plus the biggest urinal in the world. (2428 N. Western Ave, Chicago)

4/23/05 - We all -- especially Kevin -- would like to thank the great City of Iowa City for hosting us up right this weekend. We all would also like to thank Nicky for designing, stenciling, and creating ex nihilo, some the best tshirts I've seen in a long while. You can come witness them, and us, with some fine fine other bands this Friday at the Beat Kitchen. Come early, cause we playin early. 9pm.

4/20/05 - We got written up on a Japanese website Valsehot. My friend James Kennedy, who makes the most delicious pies, translated it for us. Check it out in our "forum". Also, if anybody has any idea what we should do with a "forum" except post translations of portions of Japanese websites, please put it in the "Suggestions" box in the "forum".

4/12/05 - We played on Sunday and....holy crap Conglomatron. And....holy crap Vitamin D. "This land is your land. This ain't even my band."

3/7/05 - We have five new recordings of songs for you. You can download them all on our "listen" page or hit us up at a show for CD's with a sweet ass spraypaint stencil by Nicky.

3/6/05 - Thanks everybody for coming out and getting awesome with us at the Hideout on Saturday night.

2/15/05 - Early Risers is back. Oh yes. And we would like to welcome our new bassist Zach, formerly of the same earth-bending, sky-shattering, whiskey-draining, very very friendly Ten Grand, as our drummer, Bob.


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